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Silica NEXUS

Cross-Screen / Cross-Reality VU

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Silica Nexus

Silica Nexus is the first next-generation virtual universe, blending augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual worlds in a unified platform. The cross-reality experience will be truly cross-screen, accessible through any game device from mobile, console, and desktop to arcade, location-based entertainment, and theme park installations with different capabilities and contextual interfaces.  
  • Player driven story and content creation
  • Dynamic virtual goods and virtual currency ecosystem, giving players the ability to create, trade, and sell their work
  • Power features and expanded tools for indie developers early access

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We are not alone. The fourth wall is broken and the veil between dimensions has been torn. Join the Resistance, fight across dimensions and realities, master magic and technology, and build worlds with other players. Are you ready for the future?